Magstone is contractor hired by high-end construction and building companies to manage and control the environmental aspects of a construction project. Magstone has achieved success because its employees have a thorough understanding of state and county environmental codes, as well as a commitment to employing industry best practices to protect the areas and waterways around the construction site.


Sediment Control keeps eroded soil contained on a construction site so it does not run off and pollute local waterways.

Magstone has developed industry-leading techniques that utilize equipment over expensive, time consuming and sometimes dangerous manual labor, whenever possible. Magstone’s trained and experienced laborers work efficiently and productively, allowing the client’s foremen to concentrate more their work of moving the project forward instead of spending valuable time concentrating on the sediment control portion of the project.

Stormwater Management helps reduce the adverse impacts that development has on the environment. Impervious surfaces, including roads, driveways and rooftops, impede stormwater runoff from being absorbed into the ground and going through the natural filtering process.

Known for its innovative practices, Magstone employs stormwater management techniques that include bioretention or removing contaminants from stormwater runoff; micro ponds; swales or low-lying marshy tracts of land; and stream restoration work. We have set ourselves apart from other contractors with our highly specialized hybrid crews that are trained in installing pipe and performing the grading involved in completing all facets of the stormwater management on any project.

Soil Conservation involves implementing a combination of practices to prevent soil erosion on the farmlands throughout Maryland. These practices are mandated and sometimes partially funded by the state. This work aims to protect the waterways in Maryland, which ultimately lead to the Chesapeake Bay.

Gabions are baskets filled with rock that can be constructed in wall form or in channels. This operation is utilized in temporary situations such as sediment control as well as permanent situations like in storm water management projects and various other applications.

Magstone is an industry leader in gabion work. The company’s founder and owner, Jerry Stambaugh, has been building gabion inflows, weirs and walls since the state of Maryland adopted the practice in the early 1990s. With decades of experience in the field, and countless projects both big and small under our belts, Magstone is highly capable of not only building any gabion structure an engineer may require, but we can also take a concept on a set of drawings and develop a more effective plan to expand on the engineer’s concept.

Duct Banks or Dry Utility are underground conduits built to protect and consolidate data and electrical cables.

We employ an experienced pipe crew capable of tackling any dry utility project. What sets Magstone apart from competitors is our choice to use a smaller, although highly specialized, crew that can still keep up with the production necessary to finish on schedule, saving the client money over the course of the project.