Stream/Wetland Restoration

What is Stream/Wetland Restoration?

+ Stream and Wetland Restoration goes hand in hand with managing the rain water and run off from communities, businesses, schools, etc

+ All water in this area eventually leads to the Chesapeake Bay

+ To travel to the Bay, this water must wind its way through the endless streams and wetlands of Maryland

+ High volume of water creates unmitigated erosion of stream banks, destruction/disturbance of the ecosystems in these streams, and unregulated flow towards the Bay

"How Does Magstone Help?"

+ Magstone works with their clients to restore and reinforce these streams and wetlands to better accommodate the rain and runoff that they receive 

+ Using various techniques, Magstone is able to stabilize once problematic areas and create a healthy environment for wildlife and plant life, while helping regulate the water flow through these various tributaries

+ Naturally occurring stone is used to create structures that direct the flow of water and stabilize the banks (Step Pool Conveyance Systems, Cross Vanes, J-Hooks, Imbricated Rip Rap Walls)

+ Biodegradable Matting and engineered seed mixes are used to create a stable and healthy surrounding area

+ Stringent Erosion and Sediment Control practices are used while working within streams to minimize the impact of the construction 


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